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Northwest Creation

The Northwest Creation Conference is a ministry of CSMO (Creation Science Ministries of Oregon) and Dr. Dennis Swift

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The Northwest Creation Conference in Portland, OR, was once described by Dr. Gary Parker as the longest running, best attended conference on creationism on the planet.

The conference began in 1986 with Dr. Donald Chittick presenting a series of lectures on creation at Beaverton Nazarene Church.  Dr. Dennis Swift, the Pastor of Beaverton Nazarene at that time, was convinced that the Creation message was desperately needed in our culture for equipping the church to deal with the false teachings of evolutionism.  He believed that an annual conference would sustain a major impact for getting out the facts about special creation.

After reading the book, The Lie, by Ken Ham, he invited him, along with Dr. Steve Austin of the Institute of Creation Research and Dr. Donald Chittick to speak at the first conference.

The groundwork was laid and the conference exploded.  Dr. Swift gave a program for children called Dinosaur Safari.  From the beginning it was designed as a family conference.  In February, 1989, more than 10,000 children attended programs on dinosaurs.  This was accomplished over two days in four facilities with five programs a day.  The main conference had over 3,500 in attendance.  This particular conference held a record for a conference attendance with an astonishing 13,500.

In 1987, Dr. Swift founded Creation Science Ministries of Oregon (CSMO) and sponsored a pastors' breakfast and luncheon with ICR.  Materials were mailed to over 2,000 churches in the greater Portland area.  The pastors received Creationism materials including a tape by Ken Ham, “Relevance of Creation”.  The pastors' meetings averaged between 130-170 with Ken Ham as the main speaker.  During these meetings the film “The Genesis Solution” was offered to pastors and was shown in over 250 churches.

The conference became a catalyst for starting new creationist meetings, organizations, and websites.  Six different creationist groups formed out of the conference in the cities of Seattle, Hood River, Portland, Warrenton, and Lebanon.  The laity within the Nazarene Church formed Nazarenes In Creation and had over 700 pastors and laymen.  They were at the headwaters of the Creationism challenge to that denomination.  No less than ten websites have resulted from the conference including creationism.org and www.dinosaursandman.com.  Dr. Swift believed that all these organizations could work together on the common ground of Creationism - God had raised all of them up.  We really do need each other.  Why walk alone when we can stand together?  Together, we can form a fist that will be a force to deliver a knock-out blow to evolution.

Motivated by the conference, creationism materials have been translated into more than 40 languages and have impacted hundreds of churches and several countries.

In the last 29 years, over 55,000 people have attended the conference.  It has been the stage for the presentation of ground-breaking discoveries and has given a forum for various creationists to share the same program together enriching both themselves and their audiences.

One of the features of the conference has been the presentation of new evidence by Dr. Swift for dinosaurs and man living together.  He has traveled the world and documented rock art, artifacts, and hidden museum pieces that show dinosaurs.  He is now considered by many to be the leading expert on dinosaurs and man living together.  He has written a book, is the director for the conference, and continues to pastor an independent church in Portland, Oregon called "Church of All Nations."





Dr. Steve Austin                                                    Dr. Gary Parker
Mace Baker                                                                 Mary Parker
Dr. Carl Baugh                                                      John Pendleton
Dr. John Baumgardner                                      Dennis Petersen
Dr. Richard Bliss                                                      Bill Rebsamen
Dr. Ron Carlson                                                              Mark Rose
Dr. Donald Chittick                                                       Ian Taylor
Dr. Harold Coffin                                             Laurence Tisdale
Ray Comfort                                                    Dr. Larry Vardiman
Buddy Davis                                                                           Paul Veit
Dr. Richard Fales                                            Dr. Robert Gentry
Dr. Michael Girard                                                      Bill Gibbons
Dr. Duane Gish                                                  Dr. Randy Guliuzza
Ken Ham                                                                            Kent Hovind
Eric Hovind                                                       Dr. Thomas Kindell
Dr. Dmitri Kouznetsov                                                    Stan Lutz
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Dr. Jobe Martin                                                      Dr. John Morris
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